Freitag, 15. April 2011

Plant of the Day (April 15th, 2011)

Yeah, today's update comes very late, but I don't forget it So I want to introduce you Lamium argentatum (Smejkal) Henker ex G. H. Loos, which is a subspecies of Lamium galleobdolon L. of the Lamiaceae.

This family is best known for its zygomorphic blossom which are lip-shaped, a square shaped stem and the opposite leaf patterns. Many species of this family have essential oils that give the leaves often a pleasant scent, if you break them between your fingers. (for example mint and lemon balm belong to this family)

Lamium argentatum (Smejkal) Henker ex G. H. Loos has golden yellow blossoms and a leafs with a characteristic silver shine, which has given the species its name. The exact origin of L. argentatum is still unknown. Many scientists believe, that it is a hybrid, which has escaped from gardens and became wild. I find the species on two different places during springtime, both were next so some small gardens (“Kleingärten” in German), so this theory is indeed possible.

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