Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Plant of the day (April 21st, 2011) - Asplenium trichomanes L.

During my tour through the botanical garden of Solingen, I found a interesting wall, which was called “wall of ferns”, because the gardeners had planted a couple of ferns on it. One of this ferns is Asplenium trichomanes L., which should be today's “Plant of the Day” (yeah, I like ferns indeed).

Asplenium trichomanes L. - Habitus

Asplenium trichomanes L., commonly known as “maidenhair spleenwort” in English and known as “Braunstieliger Streifenfarn (brown-stalked spleenwort)” in German, belongs to the family of the Aspleniaceae (“spleenworts” in English; “Streifenfarn” in German), giving this family its name. A. trichomanes mainly grows at walls, like in this case, or at rocks

It's a small fern with one-time feathered leafs, which consist of ten to twenty five pairs of bright green leaflets. The rachys (the axis where the leaflets are sitting at) is dark brown; giving the plant its German name, although the rachys isn't the real stalk. The actual stalk is very short and has no glands.

Asplenium trichomanes L. - Habitus

Like other ferns, A. trichomanes often produced some hybrid subspecies after pairing with other species. Because of the fact, that it could be very difficult to differ these subspecies, I cannot clearly say, if this one is the real Asplenium trichomanes L. (Asplenium trichomanes spp. trichomanes) or a hybrid like Asplenium trichomanes ssp. quadrivalens D. E. Mey), so for the moment, we will call it just Asplenium trichomanes L.

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