Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Plant of the Day (April 24th, 2011) - Lamium album L.

Hi everyone and happy Easter. Today I will show you a new species of the Lamiaceae Family, which will be the third species of this family in this blog. It's Lamium album L., commonly known “White Deadnettle” in English and “Weiße Taubnessel” in German. 

 L. album L. - Habitus

It's a herb with white zygomorphic blossoms and pure green foliage-leafs, which remind at the leafs of the common nettle (Urtica dioica L.) Like all Lamiaceae the plant has a cross opposite leaf pattern and the blossoms are sitting in whorls.

L. album L. - Flowers

L. album is very undemanding towards its places to grow. You can find the plant at hedges or at wastelands. It likes semi-shadowly, fresh places with a high content of nitrogen in the soil. In my neighbourhood I have found many populations at very different places, e. g. my garden or at a wild flower bed next to a road.

I am also planing a new article of the week. This time it will be about the basic structure of a plant.

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