Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Plant of the Day (April, 28th, 2011) - Picea breweriana S. Watson

Picea breweriana S. Watson (commonly known as “Brewer Spruce” or “Siskiyou Spruce”) is a member of the Genus Picea (Spruces) of the Pinaceae Family. It can reach heights between 10 and 16 metres (32,8 – 52,5 feet). 

 P. breweriana - habitus

The long thin branches are hanging from the curved thicker boughs. The needles are long too and straight curved. Their tops are dark green coloured, the underside however has to white bands of stomatas. The bark is grey-brown.

P. breweriana - branch with needles

Young female cones are purple and cylindrical-shaped or egg-shaped. During Maturity, they get a more reddish brown look.

P. breweriana - young, female cones

P. breweriana is endemic to the Western United States. You can only find them in the Klamath Mountains in Southern Oregon and in the Siskiyou Mountains in North California. In these regions, the Brewer Spruce climbs to nearly 6561.7 feet (or 2000 metres). I found this one however in the botanical garden of Solingen, West Germany.

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