Samstag, 30. April 2011

Plant of the day (April, 30th, 2011) - Geranium molle L.

Geranium robertianum L. ssp. robertianum, a plant I introduced to you some days ago, is not the only Geraniaceae in my garden. On the meadows I've also found another species of this family: Geranium molle L.(known as “Dovesfoot Cranesbill”in English and “Weicher Storchschnabel” in German).

G. molle L.- Habitus

It's a very small herb, only a few centimetres high. It has radial flowers with pink petals. The petals are divided deeply. The bright green leaves are hand-shaped. The entire shoot is covered with long hairs.

G. molle L. - flower
(here you can see the deeply dvidied, pink petals)

The species is native to Central and Western Europe, but can also been found in North America as a neophyte. You can find it in gardens, at meadows or ruderal wastelands. It's a very endurable species, which likes dry and sandy soils.

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