Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

Important message (second try)

So, after E-Blogger is online again, I will present a new "Plant of the Day". But first, I have an important message for you: In future, I will post new articles in a two day cycle, not longer every day. And no, it not because I've no more species to show you. On the contrary, I still have a lot of pictures of many species, to make articles until at least July ;-)

The true reason is to keep the plants longer into the focus. Since the Blog went online, I have present over 25 different species. Some of them were very fascinating. If I will continue to present a new plant every day, I'm afraid, that some of these interesting species will forgotten to fast. Through this new rhythm, the plants stay longer in the spotlight and can be studied more extensive. Also, I've more time to prepare my articles, e. g. to avoid mistakes better.

 Edit: Ok, E-blogger has restored my first "Important message" Article. Thank you guys and girls :-)

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