Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Plant of the Day - (May 7th, 2011) - Trifolium medium L. ssp. medium

Today's “Plant of the day” is Trifolium mdeium L. ssp. medium, commonly known as “Zigzag Clover” (“Zickzack-Klee” in German). The species is a member of the Fabaceae family; a family best known for its zygomorphic flowers.

 T. medium ssp. medium - habitus

The “Zigzag Clover” is a herb with terminal inflorescences; called heads in botany. The petals are red or purple, which gives the species also it's name. The sepals are fused. The foliage-leaves are divided into three egg-shaped leaflets. T. medium also has two stipules at the leaf-base, which are fused with the leaf-stalk.

T. medium ssp. medium - Habitus

The Fabaceae have characteristic zygomorphic flowers with different shaped petals. Basically a plant of the Fabaceae has five free petals. The upper petal is bigger than the other ones and is called “Banner”. The bottom petals are fused together at their apex (but basically free). This structure is called the “keel”. Last but not least, the two side petals are called the “wings”.

T. medium is native to Europe and Western Asia. It's normally found at grasslands or pastures with a high nutrient content and also in bushes. It prefers warm places.

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