Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Plant of the Day (December 19th, 2011) - Hypholoma fasciculare (Huds. ex Fr.) Kumm.

This time, I have a new fungus for you. It is Hypholoma fasciculare (Huds. Ex Fr.) Kumm.; a member of the Strophariaceae family. Typical names for H. fasciculare are “Grünblättriger Schwefelkopf” in German and “sulphur tuft” in English.

H. fasciculare - habitus

It's a medium sized mushroom with a height between 4 and 8 centimetres (1.5 to 3.25 inches). The dorsal site of its cap has a glance surface and a sulphur-yellow colour with a brown spot on a humpback in the centre. Young caps are bell-shaped, while older caps become more flat. The edge of the cap is rolled.

H. fasciculare - gills

The gills on the ventral site are sulphur-yellow to greenish; as like the stalk, which is between 6 and 12 centimetres long. The ripe spores are brown, 6 to 8 micrometres long and 4 to 4,5 micrometres high.

H. fasciculare - habitus

This species is native to Middle Europe and North America. It can often be found in forests, where it grows on dead wood and tree stumps of beeches and pines. H. fasciculare infested only dead wood and is not a vermin. Because of this, the fungus is very popular with foresters. It is a competitor of the honey fungus (Armillaria mellea (Vahl.) Kumm., which is a wood-infesting vermin.

H. fasciculare - mushrooms on a tree stump

H. fasciculare is toxic. Although it's not deadly, the consumption of this fungus will cause Diarrhea and vomiting.

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