Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Something different....


today, I'll post no "Plant of the Day" Article. This time, I want to show you some pictures of a beetle.  This beetle is Cetonia aurata L. from the Scarabaeidae family, which belongs to the Order Coleoptera ("beetles") of the Class "Insecta". In German, this beetle is known as "Goldglänzender Rosenkäfer" an in English as "Rose Chafer"

C. auratus

It's a small and very beautiful beetle, with a conspicious golden green colour. Each Elytron has white spotts and cross-bands, what is an distinctive feature of this species. The scutum is triangular (s. picture). C. aurata can reach a length between 14 and 20 millimetres.

C. aurata - here you can see the white cross-bands

C. aurata is native all over Europe and Eurasia and lives in Forests, gardens and slopes. It's a scanvenger and very useful for an ecosystem. It can be found e. g. on the inflorescences of plants from the Apiaceae and Rosaceae family. I found this individual in the inflorescence of Filipendula ulmaria L. (meadowsweet); a plant, which I will introduce in my next Post.

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